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The final character that serves great importance to Julius Caesar, of course, would be Brutus. He comes from the conspirator caste and is such a powerfully rendered character that he has become a virtual stereotypical vision of bloody revenge and betrayal. When audience think traitor, they inevitably think Brutus. What is special about him in Shakespeare’s hand? It is the absolute single mindedness of this villain (or hero as the case may be). He does not waver as does Antonius. He does not shrink back like Cicero. He is Brutus. His lines and his actions represent someone who is an ideologue. He has fiercely held ideals and he has fiercely held ways of acting those out. Nothing will get in his way. That is the vision of this aspect of Roman aristocracy. It is the power outside of the powerful. This line from Brutus sums up this chief trait of his, and compels us to see it this way.

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