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It is often argued that the most fulfilling stage of a person’s life is during adolescence, while others believe that adulthood, despite things like a job, family and money concerns, is better. This essay agrees with the former, rather than the later view. It will first discuss how grown-ups are much less fulfilled than teenagers because of the pressures they are under and then discuss how contented most teenagers are, before coming to the conclusion that the ages of thirteen to eighteen really are the best years of our lives.

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Lord contends, however, that in "the vast collection" of Parks' "rejected images and out-takes a more complete portrait emerges of Red Jackson as a complex and conflicted teenager." These photographs, many of which are a part of the exhibition, illustrate that the juvenile delinquent was also a normal teen: opening a fire hydrant on a hot summer's day so that neighborhood children could cool off in its spray; sweeping the floor of his mother's apartment; adjusting his tie in front a mirror for a big night out. An alternative photo essay resides, latent, in these pictures, one in which Jackson, like "Bob," has the potential to leave gang life behind.

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