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raise a question, to provoke a debate, so that we can discuss problems together and come up with solutions.” In this essay I aim to address the question how does Sebastiao Salgardo’s activist photography reflect against media journalism? I will be looking into a brief history of the movement of activist photography and will also looking into Sebastian’s background. I believe that Salgardo paints a true picture of what is going on in the country’s around the world, he visits these places and then becomes…

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Michel Frizot, in his book, history of Photography, tries to give a deep meaning in the life of man by exploring the various types of images that we can be able to represent ourselves with by the use of photography. Similarly, through photography, we look at the various levels that the human soul can take and occupy bringing about the arousal of a number of mental pictures that tend to provoke repulsion or the desire of the images (Warren 218). The book contains a number of essays from different experts in the area of photography. We are taken through the journey of time by the author and how photography has developed to reach the position that it is currently enjoying. This is from the age of tracing to how photography is currently being practiced. For instance, Frizot (623) considers photography as a servant in the art discipline that has matured from a very humble background, where it was perceived and valued by people due to the artistic features it had and less for its ability to store history. The similar opinion is forwarded by Hurbertus Von Amelunxen through his work, photography and the recording of history, where he emphasizes on the crucial role that s played by the camera.

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Jean-Claude Lemagny and Andre Rouille have incorporated the trend toward specialization into their history by commissioning essays from international experts. Lemagny explains that “only a wide diversity of approaches could convey the equivocal nature of the roles which photography has played in the history of the world.” The editors have, however, made deft adjustments to these various theses to provide an editorial continuity and coherence. Their book, therefore, has the sweep and scope one might expect from a history, but it also contains the penetrating insights and details that come from specialization.

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