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This study examined individual difference and social factors in moderating the effects of media images on women's body satisfaction. Participants heard a conversation wherein 2 people either were judgmental about a mutual friend's weight gain or discussed their friend's recent move. Participants then viewed slides which were either neutral or depicted “ideal” images of women. Results underscored the importance of individual differences. When exposed to ideal images, thinner women more positively evaluated their sexual attractiveness, while heavier women reported more negative self‐evaluations. Compared to low self‐monitors, high self‐monitors who were exposed to ideal images were more positive about their physical condition. The findings demonstrate that media images do not similarly affect all women's body esteem.

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As women have become increasingly aware of the effect of media on their body images, they have started media literacy programs to make women and girls more aware of the messages they are inadvertently consuming. “Media literacy programs promote an understanding of the effect media has on individual consumers and society at large. These programs aim to reveal the ideologies and messages embedded in the media images that we encounter on a daily basis,” Cutler said.

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What effects could media coverage have on female participation rates? Throughout the world, women have been denied media coverage in sport. The media continues to promote the observation of male authority in sport. This is possibly due to a number of factors. One factor why media coverage has an affect on female participation rates is because as in many other occupations, women's professional sports do not enjoy the same sponsorship deals, prize money, pay, and, media coverage as men's sport. Because of this, there is more fan attendance in male sport. The media are primary agents of socialisation and are the source of information young people obtain about their world.

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With the many effects of beauty and body image media places on society, it is said that magazines and advertisements are marketed to help women. Magazines and advertisements are suppose to provide information and products that are supposed to make women look and feel better. Most magazine reading is caused by dissatisfaction with one's self. Women who view other women pictured in these magazines show increased levels of depression, stress, guilt, shame, and insecurity. (Tiggemann) In the article, "The Role of Social Comparison in the Effect of Magazine Advertisements on Women's Mood and Body Dissatisfaction," the study supports the effects left on women looking through magazines and ads. In the study, "mood and body dissatisfaction were measured before and after advertisement viewing, while weight anxiety and the amount of appearance comparison engaged in were measured only after the advertisements. The first finding was that viewing thin-ideal female images did lead to increased negative mood and body dissatisfaction." (Tiggemann) This is a disturbing finding in that people have demonstrated negative effects after only very brief exposure (11 images of thin idealized female bodies after 10 minutes). This is far less than what would be contained in a single issue of a fashion magazine.

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For this paper I used two sources to gain more knowledge on the topic and to help me make a valid argument. My first source (Thompson & Heinberg,1999) introduces surveys and statistics to show that various forms of social media play an important role in the starting and continuing of eating disorders. Social pressures along with media messages, give negative internal standard of attractiveness also aiding in women’s body dissatisfaction and an increase in bad eating habits. My second source (Derenne & Beresin,2006) has a scientific method approach to it’s explanations of body image issues such as the history of women’s body image, the changes of this image, the effect of this change, and what we as a society can do to stop it.

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The media can focus on furnishing young women and girls with tools to understand and resist detrimental effects of media. This could be done by showing articles about empowerment of women and girls without necessarily invoking sexuality. This kind of empowerment could focus on education, for instance, showing successful women who are national figures with a shining career or running successful businesses as a result of their education. This could help to show the girls that their sexuality is not the basis of their success in life; rather it is the potentials that are in them (World YWCA 2010).