How to select easy and interesting essay topics?

Easy expository essays are essays where you are expected to work on facts rather than opinions. It involves detailed analytic writing about a matter at hand logically and step by step without any personal judgment.

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Some easy expository essay topics would be:

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A few examples of easy argumentative essay topics would be

When it comes to easy research essay topics the attitude towards it should be a little different because this type involves detailed study and investigation. It’s not just a narration. You have to read a lot, do some research and arrive at a conclusion.

A few easy compare and contrast essay topics would be
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In his book
on Religion and the Rise of Capitalism,
R. H. Tawney,
another English economist,
points out
that at the base of our acquisitive society
we find legalized usury,
or lending money at interest.
Because the State has legalized
money-lending at interest,
in spite of the teachings
of the Prophets of Israel
and the Fathers of the Church,
home owners have mortgaged their homes,
farm owners have mortgaged their farms,
institutions have mortgaged
their buildings,
governments have mortgaged
their budgets.
So we are where we are
because the State has legalized
money-lending at interest
in spite of the teachings
of the Prophets of Israel
and the Fathers of the Church.
To go back to the teachings
of the Prophets of Israel
and the Fathers of the Church,
as I propose in my Easy Essays
in the current number of The
Catholic Worker,
would not do any injustice
to the money lenders
or the money borrowers
or the consuming public.
Money lenders would get their
money back,
money borrowers would find
their burdens lightened,
and the consuming public
would not have to pay the bill.
We would go back to the point
from which we should never have gone.
We would go back to the time
when no one was called a gentleman
who indulged in money-lending at interest.
We would go back to the time
when people could not see anything gentle
in trying to live on the sweat
of somebody else’s brow
by lending money at interest.
Many people say
that we cannot go back,
but I say
neither can we go ahead,
for we are parked in a blind alley.
And when people are parked
in a blind alley
the only thing to do is to go back.
For when people lend money at interest
that money is invested.
Money invested
increases production.
Increased production
brings a surplus in production.
A surplus in production
brings unemployment.
brings a slump in business.
A slump in business
brings more unemployment.
More unemployment
brings more depression,
A depression
brings more depression,
More depression
brings red agitation.
Red agitation
brings red revolution.