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Nursing Ethics

Ethical Dilemma


Identify the potential ethical dilemma

A nurse accused of stealing. She is a good nurse but cannot be allowed to continue stealing and breaking the law while she is performing her duties.

Collect, analyze, and interpret data

Nurses must protect clients' well-being, even while they strive to support other nurses. The case study is presented in such a manner which suggests that the nurse manager is fairly certain, given the evidence she has observed, that this individual is the party responsible for the series of thefts.

State the dilemma

A nurse-manager has an unequivocal ethical responsibility to report any suspected crimes. However, this could destroy the goodwill on the ward and impede the community of nurses from working together and getting things done. Also, the crime may be difficult to prove and cause divisiveness on the ward.

Can the dilemma be resolved by the nurse?……

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Free ethical dilemmas papers, essays, and research papers.
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Free ethical dilemma in nursing Essays and Papers

Ethical Dilemmas in High School Counseling

Faced with the dilemma of entering into a dual relationship with a 14-year-old, freshman member of the cheerleading squad who approached me for counseling her for sexual abuse at the hands of her father, I decided that I would resign my position as coach of the cheerleading squad and continue only in the role of counselor. I reached this decision after carefully weighing the ethical and legal aspects of the situation, including a consultation with a counselor colleague, to ensure that I had, in fact, taken all issues into consideration and been objective in my analysis of the case. The professional ethical principles taken into account, legal aspects and the method of reasoning used were also documented, as a matter of professional practice and record.

To start with, conscious of the fact that I was dealing with a minor in this particular case, I……

Free ethical dilemma in nursing papers, essays, and research papers.

Ethical Dilemma- A Framework

Ethical Dilemma

Taking into account ethical concerns is one of the key components in providing healthcare in the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship (Rosenbaum, 1982). Nurses face ethical uncertainty, distress and conflict in their day-to-day work. When more than one ethical value applies to a particular case, and all of them recommend following a different course of action, then an ethical dilemma exists in such a case a nurse would be not be sure of which value takes precedence (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2009). This specific case involves a 6-year-old who is by law a minor and thus a physician must obtain informed consent from their legal guardian. However, the child's primary guardian is his non-biological mother who is citing her religious reason to refuse medical treatment, while the biological father who resides in another state wants the kid to be treated, a situation that leaves the……

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