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Mother Tongue, prepared by Amy Tan is about a woman who comes from a household of Asian Americans who traveled to America later in their lives. The origin is dictates their first language or mother tongue and is the main reason why they do not express themselves in English remarkably well. Language is a dynamic aspect of culture that is different depending on the perception of people. According to Tan’s article about mother tongue, language strongly influences the first language that a person is accustomed to in the developmental stages. It will influence pronunciation and expression of ideas towards different concepts.

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In the short story "Mother Tongue" by author Amy Tan, she speaks of her mother's English as "broken English" because her mother came from China and spoke as though she was unintelligent. Growing up Amy knew two languages. When she spoke to her mother she used elementary style words and spoke as though she did not know the language, while in front of fluent English speakers, she spoke eloquently with an impressive vocabulary. Amy becomes uncomfortable with the word 'broken English' throughout her life because the term implies that her mother's language is not "fixable" and reflects the quality of what she has to say. When in reality her mother's language is more vivid and imaginary than anyone else's. Throughout the short story Amy becomes more and more accepted towards her mother's vocabulary because of the other ways she shows her intelligence. For example, she said that her mother read the Forbes report, listened to Wall Street Week, converses with her stock broker, and discusses Shirley MacLaine's books frequently.

Essay on Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan

Amy Tan taught me that as a writer, through language, I could then expand my horizons. I learned that, being able to articulate with the use multiple “Englishes” is paramount to becoming an eloquent writer. I thought Mother Tongue was very interesting. That is why I think that there is a big significance to talk to someone over the phone than in person becausefeelings and emotions can be felt and over heard and my effect the listeners disposition. For example, when you send a text message, no one knows exactly how you feel and in terms of making your emotions tangible we are very limited.

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Writing the essay in narration, Amy Tan has depicted very clearly how "mother tongue" or "broken" English affects her as a child using both her excellent diction as well as the broken usage of English. Throughout the essay, she intelligently weaves many humorous stories to lessen the inevitable dullness of telling someone's past. And even though the essay shows many of her mother's limited usage of English, which can lead the audience to misunderstand her mother, Amy Tan never forgets to express her admiration for her mother. Whenever Amy Tan talks about an experience she had with her mother's broken English, she always includes beautiful and positive vocabulary such as: vivid, full of observation, intimacy, etc. to reintroduce her mother as a very important woman in her life, the person that helped her to see things the way she is seeing things now, the way that makes sense of the world. Through Tan's past stories, readers can picture her mother as a very simple, straight forward yet brilliant, and imaginative woman. She reads Forbes and trades stocks as a brilliant business woman, yet in her mind, there is very few limitations as to what Tom and Mary can do.

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Amy Tan reveals the pros and cons of growing up in a family whos primary language is not English in her article , "Mother Tongue". Tan allows her readers to take a trip down memory lane where she discusses the situations she dealt with having a mother , whose English was not up to par. Though Tan feelings towards her mother speech changes throughout her life , she realizes her mother native tongue served as a big inspiration for her becoming a writer. Tan not only shares her feelings toward her mother but also shared her feelings towards the different languages she uses in her daily life. Tan expresses herself through three different talks , the talk of intimacy which she uses with her family , English , and her native language Chinese.

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Amy Tan's short story, "Mother Tongue," is a wonderful tale that addresses the substance of languages and how language is not only a tool of communication, but a sociological tool of measuring individual worth.